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"Meanwhile... had another MRI post op — I AM CANCER FREE!!!!....  I want to let you know that I believe that you have really contributed in a huge way toward the successful outcome of the western medical care given to me to date."  

- George H.

"I have known and worked with Christina for the past 20 years, doing Reiki and incorporating various forms of energy work. She has heartfully shared her expertise of the meridians and chakra centers, and combining this knowledge with her massage training has taken healing to an outstanding level. She easily uses her intuitive guidance to go right to the core of any blockage and shares with the receiver the messages she obtains from either her or the receiver's guides, providing deep release of the issue(s), leaving the receiver in a heightened state of relaxation and bliss. For anyone seeking healing and clearing of old wounds (in this or a past life), I highly recommend Christina's gifts as a healer."    

- M. B., Torrance, CA

"Christina is without doubt one of the most gifted healers that I have ever experienced. Her vast background in Reiki, massage therapy, crystal healing, acupressure, flower essences, and many other modalities is mind boggling. Her background only enhances her intuitive instincts... I highly recommend her as a healer.  🌈💗"  

- Ellen M.

"I feel grounded, validated, mystified and loved... thank you.... So powerful... also how my hands were clenching so hard, and then at one point they were so relaxed I couldn't feel them.... It's amazing how much lighter I feel!"  

- Mary A.

"Great news!  Just got done working with my PT.... He said I am way ahead of schedule. Standard is 9-12 weeks and he said I should be in shape to start light running in 3 weeks... that makes it a 6 week recovery! I've been a good patient but I truly do believe that your Reiki therapy played a significant role. Please add this to your client references quotes!"

- John Y.

detail of Christina Ng's "In the Spirit" artwork  -


In the Spirit [Angel of Rainbows], by Christina Ng
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