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Terms & Conditions

Quan Yin, candle-flame, and Tibetan Quartz  -  image copyright © Christina Ng
Terms and Conditions


  • The best way to contact me for appointments and any inquiries:

leave your message or text at my phone: 248-877-8443

  • Second best: email

  • Advance notice to book or cancel all direct, in-person appointments, please. 

  • Details about in-person location will be discussed after confirmed scheduling. 


  • NOTE: I reserve the right to decide the final length of any session based on client’s needs, the prompts of all healing-guides involved, and my own stamina.  Read COVID-19 update.

RRM client forms


  • Please download and fill out the below fillable PDFs. We'll be using them as a starting point for your case.


  • Both completed forms may be emailed to me... or bring them along as completed printouts on the day of your first appointment.

  • Per my Privacy Policies, personal information shared will be kept confidential.

Client Intake

Info and Privacy Notice


  • Accepted payment as of Spring 2021, due at time of service: cash, check, Venmo, Apple Pay, PayPal, and credit card via PayPal Here.  (Other online payment options may be added at a future date.)  

  • Established sliding-scale clients may give payments before or after the session, and may also be eligible for reciprocal exchanges, barter, or trade of services/products.

  • Regarding (post-pandemic) ​​house calls or offsite sessions: prices may reflect the liability of me traveling to you, with or without extra ReikiMassage equipment and other tools to make these multi-level experiences easier to bear.

  • Detailed receipt/invoice will be sent to client's preferred email, text, or postal address, unless requested otherwise. If payment was made via online services or apps, you may also receive their auto-notices.


  • If you are dissatisfied with your custom-made flower essence product, or if you have problems downloading digital content from my website, contact me for resolution. Product payment either may be refunded, or the product replaced/exchanged, at my discretion. ​​

  • ​The funds from cancelled prepaid Reiki or ReikiMassage sessions and Distance Healings may be refunded, or credited towards rescheduled appointments, at my discretion.


As magical as it can be, results of energywork are not guaranteed. Please use your customized flower essence mix with common sense, care, and respect. All products and services offered by Reconnections ReikiMassage and Reiki by Christina Ng are not meant to replace or be a substitute for any professional medical diagnosis or treatment provided by licensed practitioners, doctors, nurses, hospitals, and other facilities.

Images in this website are copyright © Christina Ng, are offered for your personal enjoyment & enlightenment, and may not be resold or used in any commerce-based venture without my prior permission. 


Thank you so much for respecting and supporting my work.

Candle light = You Are Here  -  colored by Christina Ng  -  image from Jenny "The Bloggess" Lawson's book
In the Spirit [Angel of Rainbows], by Christina Ng
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