RRM Deep Session

Length of time: TBD

Expansion of both my Reiki TuneUp and the general Hour sessions.  When all my best healing skills and tools merge into longer client appointments, strange and marvelous things can happen.  These healing sessions will be most useful for souls wishing to uncover and shift long-held patterns and personal issues. 


Clients will lie on my massage table and be positioned/adjusted for maximum comfort during treatment.  Clothing removal beyond shoes, belts, and jewelry is strictly need-based and by case.  All elements of the Hour Session will be employed, with access to flower essence therapy and medicine stone/crystal layouts.  Time is allotted to freely speak of, and discuss, any multi-level energy scans of your physical health, mind and thoughts, emotional states, inner-spirit, and possible metaphysical (subtle energy level) events.  Other in-depth time, distance, and memory integration methods will be used as indicated.

Note: requires completed paperwork, and is currently available in my home office only.

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sample crystal layout  |  Reiki by Christina Ng
In the Spirit [Angel of Rainbows], by Christina Ng

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