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ReikiMassage Info

A General Outline of Reiki and ReikiMassage Therapy

early Spring 2022:

As guided, my in-person sessions are all on hold until further notice. My daily self-practice continues, and I am available to send Distance Reiki on request, because the blessing & mercy of these healing energies are necessary more than ever.  -- CNg

Prior permission is essential in this healing practice. All that is required of you as a client is an open mind and honest communication -- before, during, and after your appointment. 

ReikiMassage is a blend of Reiki and Massage techniques. Reiki is a healing system created by and credited to Mikao Usui (1865-1926) in Japan. Reiki and massage are each accepted by many healthcare professionals for helping patients and caregivers relax, sleep better, and bring balance to those suffering from anxiety and depression. I'm open to working with all compassionate supporters of justice and education, atheist or not, of any shape or skin tone or gender or orientation or age, from any background, neurodiverse or neurotypical, disabled or able-bodied. My sessions involve deep questioning, skillful therapist's mental focus and intuition, special Reiki healing symbols, a brief amount of bodywork, and the flow of energies known by names such as Chi, Qi, Prana, Life Force, and Universal Energies. Perceptive recipients have described the experience as peaceful, soothing, tingling, full of warmth, temporarily itchy, or almost like a sunburn. Many report feeling calm and clear-minded, full of empowering insights, or very sleepy, after their sessions.

What ReikiMassage is NOT:

Reiki itself is not hands-on traditional Massage. My ReikiMassage and Reiki are neither religious practice or religion, nor sex workers' erotic-sensual bodywork. Both Reiki and ReikiMassage can compliment traditional healing-arts services licensed by the states of California and Michigan; however, they do not replace contemporary medical care/medicine as provided by licensed practitioners, psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, hospitals, and other facilities here in the USA or in other countries. I respect client autonomy and personal boundaries, and I do not condone harassment, abuse, ableism, bigotry, or attempts to manipulate the professional-care relationship at any level. For further details, see my Multidimensional Privacy page. 

Nature of the services provided:

ReikiMassage and Reiki in-person sessions always begin with conversation and multi-level assessments (also called "scans") of clients' energies: their emotional state, physical health, acu-points, meridians, chakras, aura layers, etc. Client’s clothing removal (beyond items such as shoes, belts, or decorative jewelry) is strictly limited to comfort and the needs of the case. In a dedicated space prepared for the client to lay down or be seated in, I set my intention as a therapist for protection, healing, and balance. My hands rest on or hover above the client's physical body while I move around the space as needed. Breathwork, questions based on intuitive guidance, meditative talking with high-vibration spirit guides and ancestors, and bodywork/massage techniques are used to help define, soothe, and release various kinds of energy-blocks. The following may also be employed during sessions: rhythmic, relaxing music; crystals, rocks, gemstones; water-based flower essences and hydrosols; BioSonic tuning forks; essential oils of flowers or other plant materials, and so on.

For Distance Reiki Healing sessions, I prepare myself with or without crystals to enter & maintain an intense meditative state. Using the information given me, I focus Reiki energy and Reiki symbols towards the person, memory, spirit, item, and/or situation(s) as requested, and as permitted. If there is any doubt of acceptance, the healing is rerouted to where it's needed.

During any Reiki sessions, I ask for & accept healing for myself; keep my ego in check; and strive to be open in heart & mind for those I am working for or with.

Theory of treatment:

Stress, trauma, misunderstandings, and illness restrict the natural flow of Chi (life-force energy) throughout the body, mind, and spirit. By restoring a balanced flow of Chi in the body and all other subtle energy layers, Reiki and ReikiMassage rejuvenate the body’s ability to relax and de-stress, and supports a person’s capacity for self-healing. Quieting and calming the mind and emotional state may also lead to new solutions for personal problems, thus offering choices and chances for improved quality of life.

The therapist's qualifications:

I've been practicing self-care techniques for my chronic health issues since childhood, and have been learning about and using Reiki since 1999. I have a university degree, was employed 7 years as a physical therapists’ aide, and finished the IPSB massage school program in Culver City, California. I'm a certified Metaphysical Healer and Reiki Master/Teacher, and became a Certified Massage Therapist (#31721 in California) in 2014. My particular healing services incorporate traditional Reiki with bodywork such as acupressure and massage, plus flower essences, intuitive talk-story, dreamwork, and elements of other healing modalities such as Polarity (a holistic health system founded by Dr. Randolph Stone, 1890-1981). My lifelong studies in art expression, healing, and health continue under the care of various teachers.

Energy Art copyright © Christina Ng -

Useful links:

  • James Deacon’s Reiki 101

  • What is Reiki?: "It's not meditation, massage or prayer. But practitioners and clients say reiki heals in ways that are hard to explain."

  • "With respect to safety, there have been no reported negative effects from Reiki in any of the research studies."

In the Spirit [Angel of Rainbows], by Christina Ng
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