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Your Personal Privacy

and My Work

art copyright © Christina Ng  "First Door in the House of Dreams"

COVID-19 update, early Spring 2021 and onwards:

As guided, my in-person sessions are all on hold.  My daily self-practice continues, and I am available to send Distance Reiki on request, because no way in hell will I give up the blessing & mercy of these healing energies.  

I take my Reiki and ReikiMassage work very seriously; there is too much at stake. My practice relies on consent, patience, enthusiasm, and mindfulness. Once you become my client, the following become private and sacred: the contents of your Intake Form; our mutual communications both spoken and written; words shared via phone, emails, texts, letters, or notes; social media direct messages and similar private convos; and personal details that emerge during the healing sessions. I create detailed session notes to help me chart all clients' progress, and I keep those physical and digital files secure. Any legal situation requiring the release of confidential personal information would only go forward after obtaining written permission from the client in question. This scenario has yet to happen in the decade-plus of my small practice, and I am grateful.

I use provided contact information to book clients' appointments, send reminders and receipts or invoices, and as part of my income record-keeping. Marketing and promo emails or art-card greetings will go out to those who opt-in, and anyone is free to opt out.

I do not share or sell clients' information to data-mining companies and their ilk online or offline. However, as an online participant, take it as a given that your use of any kind of computer, or any device that accesses the Internet via apps, websites, social media platforms, email, etc., is to join the battlefield of determined hackers and opportunistic cons. This warning includes my website's current web host -- I cannot guarantee limiting or controlling the data gathered about me or my visitors to these pages.

Since I use and accept online payment services, I am bound by the terms of their current Users' Agreements [list updated as needed]:

 Venmo privacy

Although you may receive auto-notices after making any payments online or by apps, I may still create my own detailed receipts/invoices to send to clients and to print out for their case histories.

Prior to in-person sessions, I will ask about your background and current life issues in order to ascertain your general health, especially when it would seem helpful to incorporate massage or other direct-touch modalities. Such treatments commence with your permission. To the best of my abilities, I practice safe hygiene and professional ethical boundaries for all aspects of my Reiki and ReikiMassage work. For people who are seeking new avenues to explore, or who are already under professional medical care, and/or feel like they are at a crossroad in life, I will do my best to help. I hope to work and thrive within a new community model for healthcare that is not based on colonialism's late-stage capitalism, but this will definitely require new levels of trust, education, and communication.  

Final notes: 

I respect my Reiki and ReikiMassage clients’ boundaries with regard to privacy, exposure, emotional expression, beliefs, and reasonable expectations of professional behavior. However, working as I do with multiple levels of awareness, I may glimpse what my teachers call sentient attachments, constructions, and memory markers (vibrational imprints of a soul's raw emotions and thoughts)-- sometimes bound to a person's identity, sometimes drifting in/from other realms of time and space. Other labels you may be familiar with: soul contracts, karma, past lives, inner child, soul fragments, demons, angels, spirit guides, intrusions, entities, shadows, ghosts. No matter names or purposes, such events and perceptions can be beautiful, and sometimes overwhelming... for myself, for the client, or for us both... and the dynamic of the session may shift as a result, let alone break down entirely.

Such is the risk and adventure of using my gifts. My intent is to be of service with intelligence, compassion, and integrity. For those who can honestly dialog with me and with themselves, sharing any/all feedback and concerns, you have my gratitude: I am honored to be part of your journey.  


- Christina Ng

Michigan, USA

In the Spirit [Angel of Rainbows], by Christina Ng
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