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i love reiki

I love my Reiki and ReikiMassage work.

It gives me a chance to relax the empathic and intuitive guards/shields I must maintain daily in order to preserve my sanity.

It allows me to safely see, hear, and talk about the vivid colors, shapes, & home-movie-like events I witness in and around other people.

It guides me to other metaphysical practitioners who also know that we are souls experiencing life in a human shell.

I enjoy helping people. I welcome Light-filled positivity to balance the shadows in my life. And when I am open to these healing energies for others, I accept healing for myself, as well.

Plus: it's a great source for all kinds of art inspiration.

To those hesitant to try out Reiki: your soul's secrets are between you and God/ Goddess/ Universe. In my work, I can only try to understand what is shown me, and share it with those who are willing and able to listen.

releasing all imbalanced forces into the Light

“This en't like a private peep show. If I done nothing but spy on people, it'd stop working." — The Subtle Knife, by Philip Pullman


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In the Spirit [Angel of Rainbows], by Christina Ng

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