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  • Christina Ng

i love reiki

ReikiMassage demo: Christina Ng standing at the left of a seated, bearded man in a black T-shirt.  Her left hand is over his heart, her right hand is against his upper back.

I love my Reiki and ReikiMassage work.

It gives me a chance to relax the empathic and intuitive guards/shields I must maintain daily in order to preserve my sanity.

It allows me to safely see, hear, and talk about the vivid colors, shapes, & home-movie-like events I witness in and around other people.

It guides me to other metaphysical practitioners who also know that we are souls experiencing life in a human shell.

I enjoy helping people. I welcome Light-filled positivity to balance the shadows in my life. And when I am open to these healing energies for others, I accept healing for myself, as well.

Plus: it's a great source for all kinds of art inspiration.

To those hesitant to try out Reiki: your soul's secrets are between you and God/ Goddess/ Universe. In my work, I can only try to understand what is shown me, and share it with those who are willing and able to listen.

art by Christina Ng: image of a glowing woman figure drawn in pen ink and oil pastel
releasing all imbalanced forces into the Light

“This en't like a private peep show. If I done nothing but spy on people, it'd stop working." — The Subtle Knife, by Philip Pullman


holiday 2018



In the Spirit [Angel of Rainbows], by Christina Ng
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