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Reflection on our car's side window in Sedona, Arizona, 2004.

ReikiMassage by Christina Ng

ReikiMassage by Christina Ng

Practicing at the GAIA Festival, Temescal Gateway Park, Pacific Palisades, May 2007.

Working with mixed media (colored pencils and watercolors) on paper, October 2016. My Instagram is reconnectsreiki.

Ng Family, Fall 1975

Ng Family, Fall 1975

Plaster cast around my head and torso did not resolve side effects of brain/head traumas. :/


4th of 6 photos by Ana Venegas

"... The training by Greet The Day includes modifications for cancer patients such as avoiding pressure and speeds that might fatigue the patient, worsen the side effects of compromised blood cell counts or cause nausea or blood clots."

My Story: image gallery

... it's been an interesting life so far. 


I am an artist plus an energyworker, a California-born woman of mixed Chinese and Mexican Indian plus Spanish ancestry.  The legacy of the head and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) that I experienced as a child is ongoing: damaged eyesight and nerves, a frequently hyper-reactive and compromised immune system, occasional sensory-data overloads, and other body/brain chemical and neurological imbalances as I enter my menopausal years.  I have gained relief from, and confidence in, my lifelong hypersensitive nature with the help of art as personal therapy.  I've also received and found much benefit in what is now called complementary and integrative medical practices.


Strengthening my health through careful lifestyle and nutritional choices has been vital... but Reiki has become an important self-healing tool.  I use Reiki daily for emotional and mental peace; after every accidental bump and bruise (a hazard of being half-blind and of dealing with the aforementioned brain/body imbalances); in the midst of lucid dreams and nightmares; to drift asleep; and to help me deal with the kind of situations only a fellow metaphysical practitioner, or maybe another fan of Jenny "The Bloggess" Lawson, could relate to. 


For Reiki Level One and Level Two, Melissa Bergstrom-McAuliffe was my teacher.  I was Attuned to the Reiki Master/Teacher Level III by Christina May Russell in 2005.  Wishing to protect and enhance my intuitive talents with medical-level knowledge, I enrolled in massage classes at IPSB in Culver City, CA, and received state certification as a Californian massage therapist in 2014.  Many teachers continue to guide my ongoing studies in healing and health.

My life partner and I met online many years ago, and were married near the sea.  I gratefully retain vision in one eye, am a cusp Taurus, and also enjoy reading, QiGong, Pilates, yoga, trance-dancing, and drawing to music... 'til all my energies can vibe with Angels and Spirit-Guides once again.


Best wishes to you...


Christina Ng

Select training history:

B.A. in Fine Arts plus minor in Women's Studies, San Jose State University, CA   1994

Tibetan QiGong with Master Zi Sheng Wang in Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and San Jose, CA   1997-1998   

Reiki Master/Teacher Attunement (Level III or 3rd Degree, in Usui Western American Lineage), from Reiki Teacher Christina May Russell, San Diego, CA   2005 

Massage Technician 150-hour certification, plus other training from IPSB (Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing) massage school in Culver City, CA   2006 onwards

P.T. Aide at Atlantis Physical Therapy, Torrance, CA   2007-2014

FES Professional Flower Essence Practitioner Course, Nevada City, CA   2010


CA Certified Massage Therapist ( ID#31721)   2014

Artist and Spirit Manifesto - copyright © Christina Ng  -  Reconnections ReikiMassage
In the Spirit [Angel of Rainbows], by Christina Ng
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