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Distance Healing


Live Consultations

Within certain limitations, Reiki may be given to those not physically present or in current contact with either myself or a requesting client. At a predetermined time, I enter an intense meditative state in order to “send” healing energies and Reiki symbols towards the person, memory, spirit, item, and/or situation(s) in question. Messages or visions received, and asked to be shared, are included in my end report by text, email, or letter.


Note: if there is a clear sense of refusal by the client’s specified recipients, the Reiki is then redirected towards any other identity or level I am guided to aim at, instead -- e.g., to their Guardian Angel, or the past/present/future -- where it IS needed and welcomed.


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For established Reiki clients, I offer online or phone-based consultations via live phone-call, Skype, and/or FaceTime. Please call or text me to initiate.

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CNg in Northern California, circa 2018
In the Spirit [Angel of Rainbows], by Christina Ng
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